Army Skillport Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Army Skillport Login:

The Army Skillport Login:

1. In order to get logged in, you should know where to go first. This site is the army skillport login that you need to use to access your account.
2. Once you are here, you will see that the page has a left-hand side that is dedicated to the login. Go here and type in your AKO username first.
3. With this done, you can go on to type your Army e-learning password into the section marked as such. Be careful when typing it in, or you may have to do the whole thing again.
4. Simply click on the grey button just below the login boxes to complete the process. If you had no trouble with your password or username, you should be on your way from here. If you had trouble with your password, please see the instructions below for help.


Resetting your Army Skillport Password:

1. If you had trouble with your password, there is a way to get it reset so you can still access your account. If you need to do this, simply go to the same site linked above in the other step 1.
2. On this page, you will not notice at first the right link you need to use to reset your password, simply becuase it doesn't look like a link. Under the login boxes and login button, you will see a note written in red. What looks like the last line of this note is actually a "forgot password" link, even though it is red like the note. click on this link.
3. This link brings you to a site exclusive to skillport. This site's password reset system is remarkably simple. The first step in getting your new password is to type your AKO ID into the only place you can on the page.
4. Next, you need to just press the button that says "send new password" below all the text. You will get an email at your AKO address telling you what your new password is.

How to Contact Skillport:

1. For live help, visit this page: